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Nightfall production status:

Sidebar kits (and regular single skeins, of course) are now up in the shop! Click the blue Nightfall banner above to shop!

Snow Iris preorders are still in production. You'll receive an email when yours is ready to ship. I apologize for how long it is taking but I am steadily working through them.

Kickstarter Status Alert: Perks are in production! I'm still working through the Early Birds, then I'll move on to the rest. Shipments are going out in batches - watch your email for shipment notices and keep an eye on Kickstarter for updates posted there. Unfortunately I cannot give any more specific timeframes - please rest assured that everything is getting done, slowly and steadily. Please see Update #14, posted 3/1/15.


You've found the home of FibroFibers yarns. FibroFibers is what you could call a "micro-brand" in that it's all dyed by hand in small batches by just one person, but thanks to the wonders of the internet it's available worldwide. Read more about it on the FAQ page.

Stay Connected

Nightfall is available exclusively here on, and at Yarnhouse Knits in Charlotte NC. I announce new batches going up in the webshop in the newsletter approximately 24-48 hours before they become available. You can sign up on the News page. This is also where I announce events, new patterns, and even discounts - so it pays to sign up! I also post smaller bits of information on Twitter and Instagram @FibroFibers, and in the Nightfall Production Status box on this page.